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Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Greatest Movie Ever Made: Cutting the Head Off the Hydra

** FreakSense TV was just banned from we have popped up his last video here just for historical purposes **
Jan 2, 2021
New Year's Eve, it finishes where it All began..with Mark Devlin and Charlie Freak...the Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z is completed with The Greatest Movie Ever Made: Cutting the Head Off the Hydra! 
Mark Devlin interviews Charlie on an EPIC Show for the Ages, the final chapter in this incredible story of how Donald J. Trump and the Q Team actually succeeded against ALL ODDS in taking down the Cabal, that Fateful Night in Venice, late in 2016, where the Fate of ALL Mankind hung in the Balance...where not a Creature was stirring, not even a Mouse... 
Mark and Charlie lay out ALL ASPECTS of this Complex, 4-year long Movie, in which the Authors wrote the Story BACK TO FRONT as they started at the end; whereas the Masses attempt to make sense of all this in a Linear Fashion...from Front to Back...and Charlie Freak even released the Trump Card, revealing who and what that is to the President. 
Enjoy this Mammoth show as Mark and Charlie put all of the missing pieces together into one final narrative...the Story of Stories, the Highest of Highs and the Holiest of Holies...the END of the Cabal on this Good and Godly Earth... 
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